52 Selfies with KLM Photo

If you cleanse your thoughts and attitudes about yourself, your words will also increase in beauty.
— Mary A. Kassian

2016 is a year about learning to love myself. About looking in the mirror and liking what I see. About saying kinder words to myself, which will in turn help me speak with more compassion and to others. Because the words that we say to ourselves and about ourselves MATTER. 


I created a Facebook group called 52 Selfies with KLM Photo and I have invited all of my friends to join it. I challenge you to post one selfie of yourself each week. And to not only post it, but to say something nice about yourself. Something that you like when you look at that picture. Your selfie doesn't have to be taken when you are feeling your most beautiful. You don't have to have your makeup and hair done. You don't have to be smiling. Join the group. Invite your friends. Let's all have fun together as we reconnect with what we love about ourselves.  

Here are three of my selfies. What I love about these are: 1) my big lips to give Freddie lots of kisses with 2) that I was sooooo happy in my happy place, at the ocean 3) the awesome curl of my hair. See, it's that easy! Because we are already 8 weeks into the year, I've posted 8 selfies in the FB group already and the reason why I like them. 

52 Selfies with KLM Photo is a safe place to be authentic, to be vulnerable. There is no judgement, no shaming. (And anyone who violates that will be removed from the group.)

My hope is that over the course of the year, you will fall in love or back in love with yourself. That you will get used to saying loving things to yourself, instead of criticizing yourself. That you will see the beautiful being in the mirror that the rest of the world sees when they look at you.

Love, Kari