An Unexpected Gift for a Beautiful Mother

An Unexpected Gift for a Beautiful Mother

Kim had been dreaming of her own portrait session for quite some time. When she called to book her session this past January, I asked her…”why  now?”

Her response was so beautiful that it is best told as a poem:

The Bridge
I am no longer young, but not yet old.
I am no longer who I was, but not yet who I will be.
I am no longer broken, but not yet fully healed.
I am on a bridge, half way in between.
-by Karianne Munstedt

My job was to capture Kim as she is right now in her life, and to capture her honestly.
So we moved forward with planning her dream portrait session.

And then life changed.

A few weeks before our scheduled session, Kim asked to reschedule. Why? At 38 years old, and nearing the end of a degree in psychology, she found out she was pregnant with her third child.

To say that she was surprised was an understatement.  It rocked her world.

After the shock settled, Kim was determined to move forward with her portrait session before her body began to change much more. And we did just that. These are the beautiful images that we captured.

When I invited Kim to bring her beautiful daughter Arica to the session, she jumped at the chance to exist in portraits with her daughter.

I am secretly hoping Kim is having a girl so we can say we have baby’s first mother/daughter(s) portraits!

Happy Mother’s Day, Kim. I am so excited to meet your unexpected gift.