This retreat was designed as immersive self-love, personal growth, and portrait experience to help you reframe your inner thoughts, celebrate your outer self, and emerge with a newfound confidence and desire to live the most real, true and beautiful life that you can imagine.




  • Gain an understanding of how your inner thoughts are holding you back 
  • Receive tools to shift your negative thoughts into those of kindness and love
  • Create a new vision for a life that is real, true and beautiful to you


  • Tackle body perfectionism
  • Participate in a body-love portrait session 


  • Slow down, with plenty of time for rest, relaxation and thinking
  • Connect with other incredible women
  • Use your imagination and be creative

Who is this retreat for?

This one-of-a-kind retreat is for any woman who wants to change her life from “average” or  “stuck” to living as the most real, true and beautiful life that she can imagine. She wants to elevate herself in mind, and soul. She wants to love and accept her body just as it is.

My name is Karianne Munstedt, and I know first-hand how the perfectionist thoughts in our heads hold us back from living our most true and beautiful lives. Until five years ago, I was living as a shell of the woman I am today. I had spent my entire life being “perfect,” but in the end, what it brought was isolation, no deep relationships, an eating disorder, unrealistic expectations of everyone around me, debt, and never knowing the real me.

It wasn’t until I started to stand up to the perfectionist thoughts that I became the Karianne that I am today:

*A woman who no longer hides from the camera, who no longer talks down to herself in the mirror, and who no longer keeps herself small.
A woman who now photographs other women and helps them build up their confidence.

*A woman who lives an authentic life, full of friendship and love, and keeps taking steps every day to show up in the world in bigger ways than I ever imagined.

Let’s take a peak into the Embrace + Exhale Retreat:

Alright, put down your cell phone, pause the podcast, and take a deep breath.
Quiet your mind for a minute, and imagine yourself living your most real, true, and beautiful life.

What would you be doing?
How would you be showing up in the world?
What thoughts would be floating through your mind?  

Can you envision the pause?  Good, keep it front and center in your mind. Because I have a secret to share with you…

…the woman in your vision…that woman is YOU.


That woman is already living inside of you, she just might need a loving nudge to emerge. 

The Embrace + Exhale Retreat is just the nudge you’ve been  looking for. We are devoting glorious full days to the most important person in your life…YOU. 

You will be treated to days full of rest and relaxation, joy, and self-love.
You’ll be photographed in a way in which you’ll feel cherished, safe, loved, and like the most beautiful woman in the world. 

And all throughout the our time together, you’ll stand up to the perfectionist voice in your head telling you that you aren’t enough. You’ll learn how to speak kinder words to yourself. Every moment of The Embrace + Exhale Retreat is designed to show you that you ARE ENOUGH…JUST AS YOU ARE.

The 2022 Location:

Near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Since we’ll be international, we’re staying an extra day!
5 nights, 4 days

Fly in on November 7
Four full retreat days November 8-11
Fly out on November 12

Luxury boutique hotel on the water overlooking Banderas Bay/Pacific Ocean
Private suites

Multiple fun, local excursions

7 spots available

Payment plans accepted

See below for additional details

Your Embrace + Exhale Retreat includes:


A 30-minute pre-planning and coaching session, where we dig deep into what’s holding you back and where you want to go in life.

An intimate group of women.

A welcome gift.

Delicious, healthy meals provided each day by an onsite chef.

Daily coaching, plus abundant opportunities for rest and joyful activities.

A 1-hour body love portrait session as part of Karianne’s Embrace Your Beauty Project: Fierce and Fabulous Women Over 40*, complete with hair and makeup, multiple outfits, and loads of confidence boosting. 

A 1-hour Portrait Reveal session, where you select 10 portraits for your personal album. These portraits will serve as a reminder of the powerful woman you already are, and embody the new vision you have for yourself. (*Upgrades available for purchase at time of Reveal Session.)

New friends, tons of laughter, and a renewed spirit.

Your Coach and Photographer 

Karianne Munstedt is an award-winning portrait photographer and business owner, a speaker, coach and author. She is an artist and nurturer, fiercely motivated by using her talents to help women feel confident, empowered, and whole. As a curvy woman who was very critical of her body, she spent nearly a decade hiding behind the camera, never stepping in front of it out of fear of shame and judgment of her body and negative self image.

Now, Karianne exists fully in photos for her business and in her personal life. She routinely posts vulnerable photos of herself, helping to shift the way we define beauty and proving that we all are worthy of existing fully in photos, no matter our perceived flaws. Karianne inspires women around the world to show up as real versions of themselves in their photos, not the “perfect” versions they were taught to show.



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