The Experience


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Our time together will be like nothing you’ve experienced before.


Women tell me that they hate having their pictures taken. That they would rather have teeth pulled. That they are not photogenic. I hear you and understand that you may have had some unpleasant experiences around photos in the past. We have a consultation before you even book so we can get to know one another, laugh and cry and share. So we can connect. Once you book a session with me, we spend the following weeks fine tuning every detail of your session, from head to toe.


I carve out an entire day for you in my downtown Phoenix studio. When you arrive, you will be welcomed by me and a hair and makeup stylist. Not only will this time be spent making you feel your best, it’s an act of self-care that will prepare you to feel relaxed and confident for your photo shoot.

When it’s time to move into the photo studio, you and I will work together to ensure you’re feeling comfortable, confident and radiant. I will gently guide you through each pose and  expressions. 


About two weeks after your portrait session, we will meet at the studio again so I can “reveal” your top portraits to you. You get to see your final portraits for the first time and fall in love with yourself all over again. You get to take home the portraits that you love.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said “WOW”?

We want you to be “wowed” through the entire experience. Not only in the way you look, but more importantly in the way you FEEL.