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What is Embrace Your Beauty: Fierce and Fabulous Over 40?
It is a one-of-a kind experience celebrating women over the age of 40 (40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond!)!

As women, we wear many hats. We are wives, mothers, daughters, employees, business owners, cooks, friends, teachers, students, and so much more.

And yet, what we are first and foremost are…WOMEN.

Women are radiance, sensuality, and femininity. Even if you haven’t seen those things in yourself in a long time, they are there, just waiting to be unleashed.

Join me and be a part of a movement that celebrates the glorious mature women. Let’s change the narrative around what being a woman over the age of 40 means.

Have you ever heard that a woman’s worth decreases as she gets older?

Yah, I’ve heard that lie too. And in particular, once she turns 40. I wanted to turn that lie upside down. In fact, I felt more confident, more worthy, and more beautiful the older I got, and I wanted that to capture that feeling, that essence, for all of time in portraits.

Age does not determine worth. You are worthy of existing in photos at any age, and it is my mission to show you that.

Women of all ages are beautiful and worthy of existing in photos. However, since society tends to celebrates youth, I’ve created this project so that we celebrate amazing, mature woman as well.

Let’s change the way the world views aging.


You’ll work virtually with a wardrobe stylist to select 5 outfits (brand and/or personal) for your session.

You’ll build a community with other project participants through our private Facebook group.

On the day of your session, you’ll be treated to full hair and makeup styling. It feels so good to be pampered and treated like the queen you are!

You’ll be fully-guided through your custom studio portrait session. Don’t worry about “not being photogenic.” That’s not your job…it’s mine.

You’ll fall in love with yourself all over again when your final portraits are revealed to you at your personal Image Reveal Session.


You’ll share your story about how you feel being a woman over the age of 40. Your portrait and story will be featured in a custom MAGAZINE!

You’ll receive one image for being part of this project, in print and digital. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to purchase more…and you’ll definitely want to 😉

Your portrait and story will also be featured at an art exhibit, which will take place in 2023.

YES, you will seriously receive ALL OF THAT for participating!!


To recap, by participating in this project, you will:

*work with a wardrobe stylist;
*be treated to full hair and makeup styling;
*participate in a custom studio portrait session;
*have a personal image reveal session;
*receive your favorite portrait in both print and digital;
*share your story;
*be featured in a magazine;
*be featured in an art exhibit;
*build a community;
*and be part of a movement!

This value of this project is $1490…though really, it’s PRICELESS! Shifting your mindset is PRICELESS! Becoming a work of art is PRICELESS!

Your investment to participate is just $540!


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