Let’s face it: when we turn 40, we start to change. There’s no way to stop it.

Yes, our bodies change, and there are unique challenges that come with aging after 40. But we also shift more in our thoughts, our perceptions, our wants, our desires.

Welcome to Embrace the Shift: REAL Topics, REAL Conversations for Women Over 40. This monthly virtual gathering of like-minded women will cover the REAL topics that women over the age of 40 want to talk about, like sexual desire, menopause, financial security, sleep, and caring for aging parents.

Too often we think talking about these topics is taboo, but the more we talk and have REAL converations about these topics, the more we are able to lean into them, and the more we take away their power over us. This is a safe space to come together to talk about REAL life.


Women over 40 who are open to exploring different ways of approaching heath, wellness, money, and daily life, and are wanting deeper, more meaningful relationships with other women.

My name is Karianne Munstedt and I’m your host of Embrace the Shift.

In 2021, I started a photography project photographing and celebrating women over the age of 40. The women I met through this project were more confident, more honest, and more self-assured than ever before. Sure, when we age, there are specific issues that start taking place..but life is far from downhill after the age of 40!

As a 44-year-old myself, I sense the shifts in my body and mindset. We can’t stop the shifts from happening…so what do we do? We Embrace the Shift! Embrace it all…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Embrace it with honesty and vulnerability and openness and connectedness.



You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a living room, talking about real life with your girlfriends…only there will be an expert on hand to give additional education and feedback. Grab your favorite beverage and get comfy!

You’ll leave with more of an open mind, new knowledge, and deep friendships, all while having fun and being in a safe space to be vulnerable. 

You’ll leave feeling excited, open, real, confident and powerful. 


  • Inagural gathering: April 12, 12-1pm PST
    Topic: The Emotional & Mental Health Impacts of Caring for a Loved One, with Expert Andrea Garcia
  • May 18, 12-1pm PST
    Topic: Reigniting Sexual Desire at Any Age
    with Sex & Happiness Expert Laurie Handlers
  • June 16, 5-6pm PST
    Topic: Hormones, the bodies telephone system: how to understand your hormones, ask the right questions, and advocate for yourself
    with Meghann Feldman, CEO, Trivida Functional Medicine 
  • July 14, 12-1pm PST
    Topic: Menopause Symptoms – Myth or Reality
    with Ellen Kocher, Health & Wellness Coach
  • August 11, 5-6pm PST, details TBD
  • September 8, 12-1pm PST
    Topic: Permission to Pause: The Power of Connecting to our Intuition
    with Shoshanna French, Intuitive Coach and Speaker
  • October 20, 5-6pm PST
    Topic: Allow Your DESIRE to Guide Your Life After 40
    with Jenny Glick, Marriage&Family Therapist, Sex Therapist
  • November 15, 11am-12pm PST
    Topic: Dating after 40
    with Abby Rosenblum, Matchmaker, The Social: Modern Matchmaking
  • December 8, 4-5pm PST
    Topic: The Gray Area of Drinking
    with Meghann Conter, CEO, The Dames

Embrace the Shift is generously sponsored by The Dames.

The Dames helps lone warrior business women around the world running 6 and 7-figure businesses and women in Director+ roles of large organizations become radically collaborative Dames in 3 steps:
1. Power Partner Matchmaking – so that you can build mutually beneficial relationships
2. Grow Your Network – so that you can grow your mindset, revenues, and careers
3. Experience More FUN – so that you can truly enjoy your life and business/career 


We’re following the R.E.A.L. format:

R: Relatable Share.
A past participant in Karianne’s Women Over 40 Photography Projectwill
share her experiences with the topic of the month and have a “hot seat” with the expert.

E: Expert.
An expert will provide education on the monthly topic.

A: Authentic Conversations.
We’ll break into small groups to have real, authentic, vulnerable discussions
about the monthly topic.

L: Living it Out.
Our expert will provide ways to live this topic and apply the education to your real life.