Unique Photography Boosts Your Business Branding

Andrea Schauer

Age 54

Embracing womanhood beyond 40 has granted me a newfound sense of liberation and autonomy. With age, I’ve discovered a deeper appreciation for myself, allowing me to look in the mirror and embrace aspects of myself without fixating on perceived imperfections. This self-assuredness has gifted me the ability to extend grace and admiration to others, fostering meaningful connections. This chapter of my life has unveiled a remarkable freedom to live authentically, fostering self-love and a richer understanding of the beauty in both myself and those around me.

In my most extraordinary life, I’ve realized my dreams by moving into a thoughtfully designed home, equipped for aging in place and shared with my beloved mother. As a dedicated IT professor, I’m committed to closing the gender gap in corporate IT roles through mentoring initiatives for women in the field. Simultaneously, I’m nurturing my artistic passions as a glass artist, tapping into my right brain’s creativity. This unique blend of personal, professional, and artistic pursuits defines my journey.

In the coming decade, two prominent aspirations hold my attention. Firstly, I envision relishing the comforts of my new abode, embracing the serenity and joy it offers. Secondly, I dream of establishing an artist community, a haven where creators collaborate in a co-operative spirit, nurturing creativity and camaraderie. These aspirations reflect my pursuit of personal contentment and my desire to foster a vibrant, collaborative artistic ecosystem.

Seeing my final portraits for the first time was a delightful experience. It was as if my vision of creativity and color had come to life. I felt joyful and utterly thrilled by the beauty of the photographs, and how they managed to encapsulate my personality so vividly. Karianne’s exceptional talents as a photographer truly shone through, perfectly capturing the intent I had envisioned for the photo shoot.