Ania Kubicki

Age 47

Life is a school of transformative courses. How lucky are we to take lessons in confidence and humility, take tests in perseverance and even humor? I’ve worked on cultivating gratitude for each day on this amazing planet. My favorite part about being a woman over 40 is that I am able to see the glimpses of “the big picture.” As I reflect on my life, I am amazed and humbled by its mystery. I have gained profound appreciation for every place, person and experience gifted to me on this journey. My favorite part is being present.

My life is like a beautiful tree: big and powerful on the outside, with strong branches and colorful fruit, but also deeply rooted in an extraordinary soil. The nutrients are faith, gratitude, and love. The fruit is service. I am living my most extraordinary life by caring for body, mind and spirit. I test my physical strength with rowing and Pilates. I read constantly. I keep an open heart and aspire to find love in every adventure to cultivate my spirit. Most importantly, I surround myself with great people who share the joy of “adventuring” with me. Every day is truly extraordinary.

In the next decade, I aspire to be of more service. In my 40s, I was invited to be one of the Founders of a project in Puerto Rico called “The Love Tower.” It is a sacred monument representing hope, unity, and the infinite power of love for the world. This sacred space will allow people from all around the world to experience and cultivate love through music, art, dance, and meditations. My dream is to see it come to life and transform the world. My second aspiration is to launch a series of inspirational workshops to discuss and test innovative healing modalities.

When I saw my portraits for the first time, I was humbled. I love the light that Karianne captured in my eyes. I remember thinking “Wow? Is this really me?” It’s not just that the photos are great, it’s the essence of who I am that really came through. I’m so grateful for the experience! I hope that I never stop hearing Karianne’s laughter in my head. I should have added an aspiration to the previous question: I wish my hair would always look like this!

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