Betty Pecha

Age 60

My favorite thing about being over the age of 40 is the ability to “see” people for what/who they really are. Some women are lucky and develop this ability at a young age, but I think most of us believe that everyone is super! That is not reality. So having the ability to “see” people as their true self is a gift. Not only does this give me the ability to know another person’s strengths and weaknesses, it shows me how I can help – or not help – that person. It is hard for me to not help someone; I have to remind myself that not everyone wants to be helped.

I am living my most extraordinary life by being ME! For many years, I have always worried about what other people thought about the way I looked, the things I chose to do (or how I chose to do thing). I finally know in my heart that if someone wants to judge me, that has nothing to do with me. I am happy working with my fabulous clients and spending time with my family and friends. I believe these are the things that make life special.

I never believed people when they would say that your dreams/aspirations change as you get older. Boy are they correct! The aspirations I had, even when I was in my 40s, are much different now that I am 60. Now, I want to be more adventurous; to travel and explore new places and try new things. I also want to be more creative. Somewhere between then and now I have set aside my creative side, so it’s time again to do some gardening, redecorating and maybe even glass blowing.

When I first saw my photos I thought, “Dang girl . . . not too shabby!” I was pleasantly surprised. I never really look in the mirror and see me. It’s just the ‘let’s get ready and go’ every morning. When I saw the portraits, I felt like I was looking in the mirror and really seeing me (& my mom).