Brenda Kimery

Age 47

My favorite thing about being over 40 is the wisdom gained that can be passed on to my children.  I truly live life for God, knowing the purpose I was made to live out.  I hope to be a light for my children and others; knowing life might not be all sunrises and sunsets, but we can always live life fully.  Loving unconditionally, doing good work, and waking up each morning ready to bring joy to others, no matter our circumstances.  Every challenge, triumph, tear, and laugh has brought me to this place of love and gratitude.

I am living my most extraordinary life having a husband and four children full of love, kindness, strength, and beauty.  My husband of 24 years has walked beside me always, cheering me on in my endeavors, big or small.  He makes me a better person. Together, we are stronger.  In addition, our children’s eagerness and tenacity has always amazed me.  They always want to learn more, be more, love more, give more, even with their fair share of challenges.  God has blessed me with an extraordinary life with a family like this.  What an honor that I was chosen for this one!

My work, as a physician assistant, has grown my faith stronger and has made me want more for patients. I have watched people suffer through illness and death, often alone or scared.  Faith has been separated from healing.  The medical community has not done a good job of addressing patients’ spiritual struggles. We have not encouraged spiritual strengths. We fail to discover patients’ culture/practices.  My dream/aspiration over the next decade is to bring hope and healing back together by continuing to educate providers to use a patient’s faith as part of a prescription for healing and teach patients how to ask for their spiritual needs to be met.

When I first saw my pictures, they brought me joy! There was excitement and beauty throughout the process, from the photo session to the final portfolio. Karianne captured all I had hoped for and more. From her lovely studio, all the way to the flurry dusted landscape at the barn (on the coldest day of the year), to capture photos with my horse. My expectations were met and exceeded!