Carla Freeman

Age 51

My favorite thing about being a woman over 40 is that I am free and at home in my body. My whole life I felt like I needed to be more (or less) of something and that until I had the right body I wouldn’t be ok. In my forties I transformed my self-image and fell in love with my body. I am in awe of all the amazing things it’s done – climbed mountains, birthed and fed babies and taken me on many adventures. My 50s are fabulous and I love the freedom I have to be me. 

I am living my most extraordinary life right now by being active and sharing my passion for health and wellness with others. I get to help other women be free and at home in their bodies and I get to travel to beautiful places with my husband and go hiking and I practice aerial yoga.

In the next decade, I aspire to help women all over the country transform their health and be free of fatigue and metabolic imbalance. I also want to experience a three-week yoga immersion and travel to Egypt and explore the origins of consciousness. I want to build a real estate empire with my husband and see my son act on Broadway.

When I saw my portraits for the first time, I felt so happy! It’s the first time I really felt like my personality was captured in a photo. I didn’t have to pretend to like them or settle for them being just ok. They were spectacular! I especially loved my white sheet photos. They make me feel so confident.