Carol Lang

Age 80

My  favorite thing about being over the age of 40 is that it has given me a calmer perspective of life. I have the opportunity to slow down, count my blessings and take time to enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer. Retirement has brought many pleasurable opportunities into my life. No longer having the responsibility of a daily job, I am free to seek other activities, such as volunteering, sports, socializing, and traveling.

There are many things that are fulfilling to me right now.  I have remained active both physically and socially. I volunteer in a school, play tennis and golf, and work out at the gym.  These activities keep me mentally alert and physically active.  With age has come the responsibility to take care of my health in a way that was not necessary years ago.  I live independently, take care of the necessities of life, and hope to do so for years to come.  I love spending time with my children, their families, and with friends. All of this is helping me to live my most extraordinary life in my 80th year and beyond

One might think that considering the next decade when one is 80 years old is a futile exercise.  This question made me really look at the future and figure out what I want.  In the next decade, my main goal is to remain as independent as possible for as long as I can and to be active both socially and physically.  Next, I hope that I have the wisdom to accept the aging process and to be able to adapt to a different lifestyle; to be an inspiration to younger women, so they can see that aging can be a wonderful thing.

Like many women my age, I shy away from the camera and don’t like to see myself in photos. I tend to see the wrinkles and lines and don’t look beyond them. However, seeing the finished portraits made me smile. I felt younger and more glamorous. I felt like a woman of wisdom and maturity. I saw myself as other people might see me and I liked what I saw.