Dara Jones

Age 40

One of my favorite things about being a woman over the age of 40 is that I can proudly proclaim it! I love being carded at restaurants or grocery stores, just so that I can say, “oh honey, I’m over 40 years old!” It may not mean much to others but I certainly get a kick out of it! It’s a badge of honor, I made it, I’m making it!  Another one of my favorite things is not looking my age. I’m very maturely youthful!

I am having the most amazing time of my life! I feel as if I have to seize the moment daily. Being constantly on the move is the life for me apparently. I am traveling MORE and enjoying the fruits of my labor, MORE. I am having brunch on the weekends and dinners during the week and its lovely. I feel as if I’ve achieved something great, like really accomplished a goal in life!

My two aspirations or dreams for the next decade will be to one, maintain my victorious weight loss and secondly to travel outside of the country more! I’ve recently loss 100 lbs naturally and unfortunately I do know how easy it is to slide right back to where you once felt super comfy. I am determined to keep the weight off! Secondly, I love to travel! I plan to see Africa, Japan and some other very cool places that I’ve been dying to travel to. I’ve knocked a few things from my “life travel list”, now on to bigger ones!!

The first time I saw my portraits I felt beautiful and empowered. Kari took such great care making sure that every photo would be a great one. Each pose was well thought out and while the posing may have felt awkward, the aftermath of it was all worth it. Looking at those pics made me feel like a model! I totally thought it was catalog-esque! I’m grateful for the opportunity!!!