Darla Beggs

Age 66

My favorite thing about being a woman over 40 is that the older I am the more empowered I feel. I’ve learned to free myself of worry and angst regarding what I cannot control or manage. I speak my thoughts more freely. I allow myself to openly own my mistakes and share my “lessons learned” with other women. I’ve learned to show what a strong, southern woman I am. I’ve learned to be myself.

My husband and I recently sold our businesses, which is allowing us to live our most extraordinary life right now. It has blessed us with the ability to spend more time with family and friends, take extended vacations, and enjoy the opportunity to explore new interests.

In the next decade, I will continue to travel and explore new interests with my husband…and I may finally even learn calligraphy, tap dance, or how to paint!

Karianne is a magician! I did not feel well the day of my portrait session, and yet, somehow, she made me forget everything. The final portraits gave me much joy and made me feel so beautiful.