Helena Sutherland

Age 60

My favorite things about being over the age of 40 are the ability to look at and enjoy each and every moment as it comes; of embracing all the changes, challenges, and how each holds a reminder of all that has passed and all that is to come; and honoring this ‘self’ with love and respect.

I am living my most extraordinary life by giving myself time for Faith, Family, and Self. For me, these are the keys that I choose to hold. They open the door to conversations with God, loved ones, and me! I believe that we are given many opportunities each day to explore what really ‘matters’ and discover our ‘why.’ I am blessed with two amazing children that are incredible, talented, joy-filled humans (my why) and a fantastic career in marketing that allows me to connect the dots, both for me and my clients (I have grown to love being referred to as ‘the connector’), I am embracing my love of ice skating again with the help of a talented coach, and I begin my mornings with time for God and growing in my faith. We are given one ticket for this magnificent ride we call life. I am taking time to enjoy each and every twist, turn, and beautiful moment!

Over the next decade, I would love to create or join a platform that would allow me to share my story. There’s a lot of gold that has been uncovered over the last 10 years or so that may encourage another woman on her path. My daughter always asked me how I knew that everything was going to be okay. Standing here today is a testament to that faith and trust that it WAS and always will be okay. Sharing the path to now would be amazing. I would also love to launch the platform and website that has been in the works – the timing has always been slightly off. I purchased the domain: goaskyourmom.com – and it has a world of possibilities that may just be ready for this decade!

When I first saw my photos, I felt beautiful. Joyful. Surprised. Humbled. I truly felt like I had finally been ‘seen’. That the woman in the photos was the person that I always hoped was there. The one that loved to dress up as a little girl and the woman that still loves to dress up. A woman that loves who she is – these photos captured the life experience that brought her…ME… to this magical time and age of 60. It feels amazing!