Jeffri-Lynn Campbell

Age 54

My forties were a decade of realization. I began to realize that what I thought of myself was more important than what others thought. It was a time of liberation when I finally understood what it meant to stand in my integrity while allowing others to stand in their own…and accept their values, even as theirs differed from mine. This growth was integral to building the confidence that inspired me to start my own business at age 50!

My business was founded to support those who are changing the world through contributions within their communities. As we amplify their impact by helping them find a way to communicate effectively through both visual and verbal means, I feel I am living my most extraordinary lift! When you include the flexibility of an empty nest and an entrepreneurial lifestyle, as well as the freedom afforded by an incredible team, you can smile at the unexpected blend. Life is a balancing act; you are always being pulled in one direction or another, and the joy arrives when you are being called instead.

My husband and I love to travel abroad and have discovered an affinity for cultural immersion. We lived in Asia, and we dream of moving to Ecuador within the next five to 10 years. Many of our decisions now are built upon that foundational goal, and I’ve been collaborating with my team so we can continue Blaze with ‘business as usual,’ even after relocation. I also aspire to publish the books I am writing finally. There are several in various states of completion, and as I have held this unmet goal for more than 15 years, it is time to make it happen!

I felt proud when Karianne revealed my portraits! It was a culmination of the entire experience, but more than that, it was a presentation of showing up fully as who I am today. I love playing full out in life, but I often approach being in front of the camera half-heartedly, at best. Our creative collaboration inspired me, and I was comfortable and content during our session. And when I viewed the photographs, I was delighted by the quality, in awe of Karianne’s talent, and thrilled with the essence she had captured.