Jennifer Sheets

Age 47

As a woman over the age of 40, I worry so much less about the opinions of others as they relate to my choices, my personality, my dreams, and my body. I’m finding beauty and fulfillment within myself in ways I never knew were possible when I was younger.

I am living my most extraordinary life by allowing my creativity to take a more prominent role in how I live my life. I appreciate that, though others may be doing similar things, no one else on the planet can do the things I do in the WAY I do them. And that goes for everyone. Knowing that we each are a thread in this gorgeous tapestry makes it more fun for me to just BE me.

Over the next decade, I dream of creating beauty and sharing that beauty (through music, art, humor, among many other forms), and channeling that beauty in a way that sparks healing. Healing on an individual level, which leads to healing on a community level, and continues to ripple out into the rest of the world. Being a creator of beauty, as well as supporting those who are also creating beauty and promoting healing in various forms, is the most important work I feel called to do in this lifetime.

When I first saw my portraits, I felt proud of the woman I am and am continuing to become. I loved getting to see how different aspects of me were captured in these photographs. So much came through me in that short window of time and I love how Karianne and Krystal did such a great job of inviting me to open up and celebrating what came out.

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