Karen Murphy

Age 46

There is a freedom in being over 40 as we let go of our younger years and embrace fully that we are enough. Shifting the focus away from comparisons allows us to focus internally on what is truly important in order for us to be our best selves. This internally defined best is so much more important, achievable and satisfying than any external comparison would ever bring.

I am honored to be in a senior level position at a Fortune 500 company where I have the ability to influence a broad audience with my leadership motto of “grit & grace.” It’s OK to not be perfect, it’s OK to be honest and vulnerable when it’s too much, and it’s OK to lift others up when they need it. The beauty of life is that we’re never all down at the same time and together, we can walk the journey with a healthy balance of grit & grace.

Over the next decade, I will be entering a new season with my daughter transitioning through her high school and college years. It’s my sincere hope that I will successfully evolve with her in this season of her life journey and support her in the new ways that she will need. I also hope to embrace this season as an opportunity to spend more intentional time with my husband. Whether it’s travelling together, or just laughing together, I’m hopeful that this season of “empty nest” will bring new shades of happiness for us. 

When I saw my portraits for the first time, I felt empowered, beautiful and strong. My teenage daughter looked at the photos with me and shared that one portrait showed my “boss mom” side, while another showed my silly/playful side, and yet another showed my resilience through my personal journey struggle with rheumatoid arthritis. It’s amazing that these portraits could capture so many different aspects of who I am, and I’m very glad that I participated in this project!