Kim Tarnopolski

Age 56

My favorite things about being over 40 are confidence, wisdom, clarity, courage, authenticity, fearless…all words that define how I feel at this stage in my life. I know my worth and value. I step boldly into each day knowing that I do make a difference in this world. I give myself permission to live my life exactly how I want to live it.

Extraordinary to me means experiencing new things in life; being bold and not sitting on the sidelines of life. I love to explore new countries, new states, new trails, and challenge myself to take the road less travelled. International travel is when I feel most alive and curious about the world.

My husband and I are close to retiring. My dream is to travel the world, spending months at a time immersed in various countries and cultures. As I travel, I enjoy sharing my adventures with friends and encouraging everyone to get out and experience the world. Travel opens one’s heart to acceptance.

Seeing my photos reinforced the decision to get out of my comfort zone and participate in this project. I felt empowered and proud. Age and menopause have a way of dragging your spirit down a bit, so the photos are a wonderful reminder that age and beauty do go hand-in-hand.