Laurie Handlers

Age 75

The best part about being a woman over the age of 40 is that I don’t give a f*&k what anybody thinks about me. I have lived long enough to not worry about such things anymore. I love my life and I love people. One of my biggest lessons was to learn boundaries and stop people pleasing. I teach about a controversial subject – sexuality. I had to get over what other people would think about that quickly when I realized this was my life’s work. I’ve authored chapters on boundaries in my two published books.

My life is extraordinary in love, in work, and in play. I am super healthy. I travel the world teaching about sex, relationships, spirituality and shamanism. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband. And I have fabulous personal and professional friends. Money is flowing too. I can’t imagine a better life!

Over the next decade, I aspire to keep living in full health and wealth. I recently got married for the first time ever. Now that’s a dream I didn’t expect to come true! And next…I dream of purchasing a winery and moving to Argentina for semi-retirement.

I felt great when I saw the final portraits for the first time. They captured a side of me not often captured on film – a “Do not f*&k with me!” side. Very badass! Love it!

Sex and Intimacy Coach