Leslie Blue

Age 52

My favorite thing about being a woman over 40 is that I’ve come to a place where other people’s opinions of me no longer matter. I know who I am and what kind of person I want to be and honestly, what other people think about that is none of my business.

I’m living my most extraordinary life right now by loving everything that I’m doing. I love being a mother, I love the work that I do and I love that my son is old enough now that I can also take time to enjoy things that are just fun for me. For example, I’m taking piano lessons now and it is just the greatest thing! I love being able to jump into the adventures that I want to embark upon.

I’m at a really good place right now, so my dreams for the next decade are more personal. I plan to vacation outside of the Continental US, and already have the plans in place, as well as being able to spend the summer months with my family in the Midwest. Simple goals, but that will make me very happy.

When I saw my portraits for the first time, I was thrilled. It was really heartwarming to see what I imagined as it really turned out. I felt like I was very photogenic, and that is not a word that I would have used to describe myself before. Especially in this time of the ‘selfie,’ I’ve always felt like I take terrible pictures…and all of these were fabulous!

Blue Heart Mediation