Lisa Rehurek

Age 57

What I love most about being over 40 is being in more alignment with who I am, what I want, and what’s most important to me. At this age, I just don’t care what others expect of me. I spent a lot of years chasing what I thought others/society wanted for me. Now, I follow what feels good and right to me.

I’m in really solid alignment which allows me to live my best life. I do the things I want to do; I don’t do what I don’t want. I’m surrounded by amazing friends and family. My business is rocking. I’m at peace with everything in my life and where I spend my time. It’s a beautiful thing.

In the next decade, I want to find love, my lifelong partner. It’s been elusive for me for a long time and as scary as it is, it’s the one thing I know I’m missing in my life. It’s even scary to write that down. I also have a dream of building a real estate portfolio. I’ve just begun that process but I’m still a “baby” investor. I would love to see a much larger portfolio in 5-10 years. And finally, a beautiful trip to the Maldives, but I’d love to do that with my partner.

The photos were absolutely gorgeous. What I loved is the range of “me”. I felt like my strong independent self in some, which I would expect because that’s where I live. What was really fun is that I felt connected to the softer, more flirty photos, and even, dare I say, the sexy ones.

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