Lyn Marquis

Age 72

My favorite thing about being a woman over 40 is growing into a personal awareness that instills confidence. I know who I am. I know what is important to me. I do not have to apologize for my opinions, desires and accomplishments. I can smile at youth who know just how the world should be run and not feel like I need to correct or try to change them as I know that life will bring them what they need to learn along the way.

I am absolutely living my most extraordinary life right now. I am blessed; I am grateful. I am doing meaningful work and getting paid for it. I am at a stage in life where I can take more time to enjoy simple pleasures like a spontaneous wine night with friends, a quick overnight staycation, a week-long vacation in Mexico, helping a friend who needs a ride to the doctor or just “showing up” for someone who needs a boost.

I am not much of a dreamer but more of a “doer”. However, I would feel like my dreams came true if I am remembered by my family, friends and colleagues as a person who was loving, caring, supportive, thoughtful, fun, somewhat creative and, on occasion, a little crazy 🙂

When I saw my portraits for the first time, I was pleased with the way the pictures captured my inner self. They were true to who I am and are the lens through which I want people to see me. I had no hesitation but rather felt proud to share them with family, friends, colleagues and, yes, even social media.