Mary Fisher Hall

Age 64

My favorite thing about being over the age of 40 is looking back and realizing that my life has included some amazing chapters. I love seeing myself as a young woman who took on challenges and figured out ways to survive and thrive, often without a road map. At this point, I know myself pretty well and know that what I have accomplished was not by accident, it was through trial and error at times, hard work, support of others and a lot of lucky breaks. I understand how fortunate I am to have family and friends who I love very much. This is an age that I count my many blessings. At this age, I feel a lot of compassion and understanding for others as they navigate their life, raise a family and manage their health. Being over 60 is a wonderful time to close old chapters and open new ones. This is a time to continue to explore life, help others and deepen relationships. I love how friendships blossom during these years, there’s so much support and deeper connections, especially among women. I love this time, because I can reflect on life and invite paradigm shifts in my thinking about what I once believed to be true or what I thought was important.

Right now, I’d say that my life is extraordinarily blessed. I am living an extraordinary life by caring and supporting those around me, seeking out new opportunities, cultivating an open-minded mindset, challenging myself and finding joy in simple acts of kindness.

Over the next decade, I’m excited to be a new grandmother and experience the joy of a new baby boy. I truly aspire to be a positive role model and support my daughter and her husband. I’m also in transition right now and I’m excited to discover what I might do in the areas of professional work/volunteering/ philanthropy/art/adventure.

In my portraits, I see myself as a mature, confident and beautiful woman. The portraits capture different sides of me that I might forget exist. I feel like the photo session and the portraits were a gift to myself and part of my legacy. I can’t wait to do this again as I age, explore and blossom in life.