Michelle Warnica

Age 61

Entering my 60s is liberating! I finally have the time, freedom and money to do whatever I want. I don’t care what others think. I’m making unconventional choices for my life and following my heart to create a life that supports this new chapter.

I’ve consciously let go of who I used to be to intentionally create a new and extraordinary life that reflects who I’ve become over the past few years. This new way of being has surprised me. It led me to sell most everything that I own, allowing me to start this new chapter with a blank canvas. This blank canvas has led me to follow my heart and create a new home in Mexico. Living here has sparked a creativity and curiosity that’s been dormant for years. I’m having so much fun exploring this beautiful country and experiencing their culture and traditions.

For me, this next decade is about building a legacy. Leaving my mark on this world by supporting others in becoming their highest potential. Currently I host weekly events for my membership community of women. These events are designed to activate their soul purpose from within. It is such an honor and joy to witness them evolving and expanding into their greatness each and every week. My second dream is to help the world understand the importance of the natural waterways. Water is a living consciousness with much to teach us.

When I first saw my photos, I saw myself in a different way. Especially the one where I had a serious face. I could see the wisdom and a new sense of power within myself. It was a magical moment.