Natalia Ronceria Ceballos

Age 40

I turned 40 in 2021, but I am very much looking forward to this next decade. Aging has it’s pros and cons, but has never been something that has overly concerned me. My favorite thing as a fresh 40-year-old is I look forward to showing that 40 is by no means old; that your 40’s can be the best time of life if you let them be. I am old enough now that most things are not my first rodeo, but young enough to still have plenty of energy to refine myself as a woman, and human being, while still being open to learning new things and experiences. My Grandma has kept telling me that “life doesn’t really begin until you’re 40”, and while I’d argue I’ve lived a very full life so far, I get what she means, in the sense of being the most comfortable with all of me, mind, body & soul than I ever have been. & that’s a pretty awesome feeling.

I’m living my most extraordinary life by learning how to hold healthy boundaries, and honoring all elements of myself so I show up authentically in whatever space I am in. For a long time, I separated elements of my life, and of myself, thinking that I would not be accepted fully, in professional land and in my personal spheres. The more I have honored all elements of myself, the more aligned all work and relationships have been in my life. It can be hard at times, to stay true to what we are really about, and to not allow external factors to sway us, but goodness, it is so worth it I’ve discovered. I’ll add, taking plenty of time for self and not overworking (as has been my tendency in the past) has been so freeing. I am incredibly grateful to be at a point in life and career where I have more freedom and flexibility; I may not be wealthy financially yet, but having my health, autonomy, and ability to cover needs is a wealth I am forever grateful for and hope to never squander.

My two dreams in the next decade are to write and self-publish my book, as well as, becoming a Mama.

And after seeing my final portraits for the first time I felt happy! Grateful for Kari’s eye! Strong, Powerful, Beautiful!