Nicole Ossenfort

Age 52

As a woman over the age of 40, my favorite thing about this stage in life is the confidence that comes with maturity. No longer am I caught up in worrying about what others think of me. I am confident in who I am, my strengths, and my worth. The freedom that comes with maturity is refreshing and wonderful. Being able to focus on what brings me joy and fulfillment is a luxury that younger versions of myself would have never thought possible. Life is too short to be anything other than happy and confident in oneself.

Living my most extraordinary life has multiple meanings. First, it’s about approaching each day with the right mindset and practicing gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that come my way. Secondly, it’s being intentional about how I spend my time and who I choose to spend it with. By surrounding myself with positive, growth-minded people, I’m constantly uplifted and inspired to keep pushing towards new heights. I’ve realized that life is too short to play small and that pushing myself outside of my comfort zone is where the magic really happens.

Throughout my career, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that I am eager to share with others. In the next decade, I aspire to develop a transformational program and community that teaches and empowers entrepreneurs on how to think like a CEO, develop the confidence to act like a CEO, and to BE the CEO of their business. In doing so, I believe I can have a massive positive impact on countless lives and help others create their legacies. Empowering entrepreneurs, particularly women, to reach their full potential and seeing them succeed is very fulfilling for me and is my purpose.

As I eagerly awaited the moment to see my final portraits, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. But as soon as I laid eyes on them, I felt amazed with what I saw. Seeing myself so confidently and beautifully captured on film was a truly liberating and empowering experience. Suddenly, the “older” woman, that I sometimes don’t recognize when I look in the mirror, disappeared and was replaced by a woman full of confidence and grace. It was me.

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