Body-Positive Branding

Nicole Thompson-Hale

Age 50

The best thing about being over 40 is the confidence I have to simply be myself…and that is exciting.

Living an extraordinary life means I have learned that putting myself first is not selfish and I am living that. As a result, I get to teach my grown kids and my young kids how to do the same. It’s also led me to take better care of my mental health, my physical health, and spend quality time cultivating my close relationships.

In the next ten years I plan to travel more to show myself the world, and I’m even more excited to show my ten and six year olds the world so they know a life full of boundless possibilities and develop a respect, understanding, and love of cultures all over the world. I also plan to build my businesses into an empire that fulfills me creatively and financially. I want to be an inspiration to my kids as they get older that they can be and do anything they want in life.

When I first saw my portraits, I was blown away. This shoot was my 50th birthday gift to myself and it did not disappoint because of Karianne and her skill and talent. I felt beautiful, worthy, and valuable. Even now every time I look at them, I love me a little more each time.

Wardrobe Stylist