Patrice Clark

Age 57

My favorite part about being a woman over 40 is the ability to love the authentic me. I am self-aware, free, and untethered to accept my whole self and others. I am Living Emerald Jayne!

I am living my most extraordinary life in so many ways! Personally, I am a creative spirit with a love for people, peace and fabulousness! I am Living Emerald Jayne, which celebrates the YOU-nique experience of incorporating nature, exercise, breathing, fresh vegetables, flowers, herbs, spa, sustainable fibers, and relaxation to create an individual wellness lifestyle, because each person’s experience and wellness journey is unique to them.  Professionally, I am an entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and MBA. I enjoy and excel in all aspects of business and believe my purpose is to be of service to others.

I’m a USDA registered (Urban) farmer and beekeeper, and my BIG dream/goal is to expand my farm operations and purchase a rural track of land to create a work/farm environment that produces organic crops and hemp fiber to manufacture clothing, produce, paper and alternative fuel. My mantra is: food, fiber and energy!

When I saw my final portraits for the first time I felt overwhelmed with joy and excitement that my essence was captured and reflected in the photos. Through all that life entails – I’m still standing – poised and ready for the next chapters of embracing my beauty.

Emerald Roots Farm Collective