Polly West

Age 43

My favorite thing about being a woman over 40 is truly being able to embrace myself for exactly who I am without worrying about what others think of me. I spent a lot of my younger years worried about what others thought of me. My 40s have been both an adventure of fun and growth!

I am living my most extraordinary life right now by following what makes me happy in my career. I am in the medical aesthetics realm and truly enjoy what I do on a daily basis. I took a leap of faith by quitting my clinic job and started working in my own practice full time.

In the next decade, I aspire to live more in the present. Watching and raising my ever so quickly growing children has really opened my eyes to what is happening today. Being aware that each day is a precious gift and learning to let go of perfection has been life changing.

When I saw my portraits for the first time, I felt empowered, strong, and beautiful. I was so incredibly nervous going into the shoot but immediately felt comfortable after meeting Karianne. I really had a blast and I can’t wait to do another shoot again in the near future! Thank you so much!