Quita Remick

Age 58

Today, as a woman over the age of 40, I let my light shine brightly, unapologetically. Today I bring all of me to life and I choose to live a rich and full life in the deep end of the pool and it’s fu*king fantastic! I used to live in the shallow end of the pool, living someone else’s life for others, only showing and being a sliver of myself.

I made a decision when I was younger that I wanted an extraordinary life filled with adventure- meeting new people, traveling to new places and doing interesting things. At 58, I have a little more urgency (meter is running a little faster) and I enjoying exploring new depths within myself, unapologetically ask for what I want/need while I have a blast writing new chapters, enrolling new characters, finding new plots, and enjoying the wonder of each and every step along the journey.

In the next decade, I will experience new places, people and cultures, Specifically, the spice market in Morocco, explore the middle east, ride a camel in the desert and meet a wonderful tall, dark, light-eyed and handsome man and from there, we will (I think it best to stop sharing there). I am going to return to competitive tennis and will be and reign at the top of the leaderboard both nationally and internationally.

When I first saw my portraits, I was blown away. I said to myself, “hell yes.” I felt proud and beautiful (inside and outside) and was driven to tears with all of the emotions. It is so hard to find the right words…I am darn proud of the woman I have become.