Sandra Sanders

Age 56

The joy of over 40 is the unexpected freedom that emerges as you age. Freedom to loudly own your hard-earned strength and wisdom. To confidently choose whatever side of your personality you wish to display on a given day. There is comfort in the support of friends and family gathered over a lifetime, sometimes alongside the means to try something new that was out of reach in your 20s. The diminishing effect of “shoulds,” greater awareness of opportunities and continued eagerness to grow and learn create a freedom that is precious.

I find the extraordinary in the people that I love – relationships grown deep over time and children becoming amazing adults. Opportunities to travel the world and explore new places bring me joy. And the work that I do with confidence that comes from decades of experience is energizing. It’s hard to find time for all the extraordinary!

As a mom in the process of sending three teenagers out into the world, I so look forward to seeing them grow as adults and build their own lives. As a future retiree, I can’t wait to spend some extra free time with my husband exploring all the world has to offer!

Karianne’s portraits made me feel SEEN. She has an amazing ability to find who you are and capture that energy in an image. That it is conveyed in a way that makes me feel beautiful is just icing on the cake. I cannot believe I waited so long to do it.