Sharon Keefer

Age 70

In my later 40s, I started to get in touch with my authentic self and to unconceal the parts of myself that I was judging to be ‘bad’ and that I was hiding from the world. Accepting and integrating those parts of myself that I used to hate or deny is a practice that continues today, at my age of 70, and will always be part of my practice.

I am living my most extraordinary life by saying ‘Yes’ whenever possible, even when it scares me…especially when it scares me! I said yes to weight loss surgery in my early 60’s and lost 100 pounds. Currently I’m adapting and adopting new lifestyle changes to support getting to a healthy weight and strength level. I entered and mastered the world of online dating, and experienced love that I thought I might never have again.

I have already declared that this decade will be my best! My first dream is happiness and fun. To that end, I’m now in a loving intimate relationship, learning how to be supportive of and supported by a special someone. I’m also creating deeper experiences with friends and family wherever possible. My other aspiration is to start my coaching practice online to guide and support others who are wanting to enhance their lives and self-acceptance.

When I saw my final portraits, I saw an expanded vision of myself that I approved of and loved. I was overwhelmed with joy. The whole experience was a major step for me, since I had never even had a professional photograph taken of myself and since I spent most of my life hiding from cameras! To work with a personal stylist, professional hair and make-up artist and have a full-blown photo session was unimaginable and took a lot of courage. It’s one of the best developmental things I’ve done so far.

Integrative Master Life Coach