Stella Shanovich

Age 60

My favorite thing about being a woman over 40 is having the tools and experience to step back and evaluate what truly matters to my family, my career, my community and me. I want to make the best decisions/choices with the available information and not be held back by the “what if’s” if or when something does not go according to plan. My goal is to bring the best version of me to the table every day.

I am living my most extraordinary life right now by learning to breath and be more aware of what I bring to the table and where my blind spots exist; by spending more energy on self-care; and by planning for the future as to what comes next in my career.  With the past three years in a remote and then a hybrid situation (both at work and at home), it is more evident than ever that, if I do not take care of me, I won’t be able to mentor/coach/develop or even “listen” those around me.

In the next decade, I aspire to start a new business with my impending retirement around the corner and also to refocus my energy and time on my health and wellness, which includes more dancing lessons to learn the Argentine tango and enhance my dancing skills in west coast swing, cha-cha, salsa, and rumba. I also want to plan a trip to Costa Rica to celebrate my retirement in 2024 and plan a Hawaiian excursion for my grandson’s high-school graduation in 2026.

When I saw my portraits for the first time, I was surprised for a number of reasons. First, at how Karianne and team were able to capture my essence in a picture. I love life and that energy was captured in many of the portraits.  Second, at how the essence of who I am (serious but playful, joyful but in control, and full of life) was captured in these portraits. Third, that it took so many years to do this type of session.  Thank you to Karianne and team!