Suzi Glover-Garman

Age 49

My favorite thing about being over the 40 is the community I am lucky to lucky know, to grow with and learn. This community has taught me that we are all the same, but different. And as I leave my 40s, my community is helping me evolve from fear, lack, and perfectionism.

I’m currently living my most extraordinary live by seeing everything with gratitude…at least trying to and making it my centering point.  I have raised a child solo, reached a pinnacle of success in my former career, and ran ultra-marathons through our beautiful Arizona trail, all without real depths of present gratitude. Life is pretty damn good, and I am so lucky to be here.

In the next decade I aspire to Establish my State Farm business and allow it to grow roots within the community of our Arizona women business owners. As well as, take two trips: Europe with my husband, daughter and SIL and Belize with my trailwives, seeing and hiking Mayan ruins.

When I saw my final portraits for the first time I thought, “Is this me?  This is me!” Strong, fun, confident and vulnerable.  I’m so excited to share these with my girlfriends, my husband, daughter and my customers (branding photos, of course). This is 49 and I’m pretty happy about that.

Suzi Glover State Farm Agency