Branding Photo Shoot with Kariane Munstedt Portrait

Tara Brown

Age 54

My favorite thing about being a woman over the age of 40 is that I have myself; I am proud of the journey of self-discovery that I finally had the confidence to undertake after age 40. The result from making many life changes, some I chose, some that chose me is confidence.  I know my worth, I know who I am. I know what I’m great at, what I’m good at and what I’m best delegating to others. I can say no and mean it without guilt or regret. For much of my life I could do none of the above. I felt ugly, fat worthless. I was regularly told that I was undeserving, unworthy of a good life. I had taken that in, and it reflected in the sadness and despondency that followed me around. Nowhere did I realize the wonderful person that I am, not until I embarked on a 13 year-long spiritual journey that transformed me from the inside out.  Part of that study has been learning to live a vision driven life. That’s what I do now.

I am living my most extraordinary life by setting a vision for the life that I’d love living, and taking daily steps to live from that. On a weekly basis this looks like racing mountain bikes, leading an architectural firm, serving clients as their life coach, loving parenting my twin teenage girls, and being a great friend.

Amongst my many dreams over the next decade are writing several best-selling books to support women in creating lives they love, and building a gorgeous second home near the ocean with my love.

Each time I do a session with Kari (and this was my third), I walk away stunned. First, it’s by how comfortable she makes me in front of the camera. I cried the very first time, four years ago, that she took my photos. The second stunner is how beautiful I feel when I see the results. The photos adorn the walls of my home, as a reminder of the beauty that is revealed when I am living a life I love.

Consciousness Architect