Therese Skelly

Age 63

My favorite things about being a woman over 40 are: the freedom to no longer worry about what others think of me; being fully and unapologetically self-expressed; my ability to feel strong, powerful, sexy, and truthfully, the best version of myself; trusting myself and the exquisite intuition I have that always guides me; my amazing girlfriends as we have deep wisdom and support each other tremendously; and getting to do the work I love to do and am amazing at because I have decades of experience. 

I am living my most extraordinary life right now by: honoring my body with exercise, good food, and great support; being with the most amazing partner ever as we have tons of fun, lots of adventures, wonderful sex, and just delight in each other; doing work that is soulful and makes a huge difference; taking pride in the young men that my sons have grown into; only spending time with people who nourish me; and finding joy in training my beloved dog.

In the next decade, I aspire to: have my body be even healthier and fitter; learn to ride a motorcycle; create a huge platform for helping women transform their lives and businesses; leverage my time/energy and create more ways to expand my business; travel, travel, travel; become a grandma; have a very well-funded retirement account; and live life to the fullest.

When I saw my portraits for the first time, I was blown away. The “me” that showed up in some of the images was the healthier, stronger, more ‘bad-ass’ version of who I had become, and to see it visually was amazing. I shared it on FB, and got TONS of compliments as it showed the changes I’ve been going through the last few years. I looked fit, healthy, and strong. It was a great photoshoot and I loved the results.