Aug 13, 2018

As of yesterday, I am the proud owner of a new-to-me Volvo wagon that will be the perfect family vehicle once baby arrives. And the absolute most exciting part about getting the car is…I manifested it.

Sounds weird right? It still does to me a little too. But get this: On July 27, I made a notebook listing my top 7 visions/goals. #2 on the list was a Volvo wagon with all of the luxury finishes. I printed a picture of the Volvo that I wanted, and each day between July 27 and August 9, I took action toward that vision.

By August 12, that vision had come true.

The next question is of course…HOW??!!

Here’s how it all started. In August 2017, I began a year-long program with my Life Mastery Coach, Tara Brown. When Tara and I first started working together, I was not totally sold on the concept of visioning and creating a life I wanted to live. I’d never made a vision board. I had no idea how I could possibly MAKE things happen. I was a participant in the thought that life happened to us, not that we made life happen for us.

What I did know is that I was not happy where I was in my life and there were many things that I wanted to change. So I took a huge leap of faith, trusted Tara, and made an investment in radically changing my life, not only for me, but also for my family.

Tara told me to trust in the process: that I didn’t have to know HOW things would work out, I just had to know what I wanted, focus my attention on those goals/visions, and take small action steps toward them every day. There has been a lot involved in our work over the past year, but what it boils down to is this:
– what you want, the Universe wants for you
~ AND ~
– when you put your attention on your intention, then take action, you manifest your dreams/goals.

So, on July 27, I created the notebook. I added pictures to the front so I could see my 7 visions every day. And inside, I created pages that allowed me to record the action steps I took toward each vision every day. What I ask myself when writing my action steps is this: “If I didn’t think this vision was impossible, what is one thing that I could do today towards this vision?” (Note: action steps can be mental or physical; and they can be super realistic or super “out there.”)

On July 27, my action step said “perhaps a dealership will gift me the car.” Haha, not likely, but honeslty you never know, right!! On July 28, I talked to my husband about test driving the specific car when he returned from vacation. On July 29, I looked up what the price of a new car would be and what an approximate loan amount would be. On July 31, while driving my current car, I envisioned myself driving around in my new car. On August 4, I test drove a car and realized that I actually didn’t want a BRAND NEW 2018 vehicle and I would be just as happy with an older model. On August 7, I looked on Craigslist and found the PERFECT vehicle for sale in San Diego. On August 9, we spoke to the seller and offered him a full price verbal offer. And on August 12, we picked up our new car!

When I added the vison of the new car to my notebook, I didn’t know HOW I was going to get that car. All I knew was that I wanted a newer, safe vehicle for our expanding family, and I knew the exact car that I wanted. I took action steps, some small, some larger, every day toward that goal, and 16 days after getting super specific on that vision, it came true!!! What I wanted, the Universe wanted me to have, and I just had to put my full attention on the vision so the Universe would know what to bring to me!

I still don’t understand how it works, but I can’t deny that IT DOES WORK. Since starting my work with Tara one year ago, the following visions have also come true:
– I left my corporate job of 17 years to pursue my photography business full-time
– I have my own beautiful photography studio
– I naturally became pregnant and am expecting a baby boy on January 1!

It is now so abundantly clear to me how important it is to have specific goals/visions/dreams, and to take even the smallest action steps toward them each day. What is something that you really want in your life? Get super clear on it. Say it out loud and make it as detailed as possible. Record yourself saying it. Listen to it each day. Take action steps toward it each day, no matter how small or large the action is. And watch your life change.

Happy Monday!

PS. If you are interested in learning more about the work that Tara does, you can visit her website at If you’re really, really interested in learning more, reach out to me so I can tell you more about how our work together has changed my life.