Mar 20, 2016

Reba and her fiancé Steve are getting married this weekend, and I have the honor of photographing their wedding. She is a true inspiration, and they have a beautiful love story together, so I wanted to share their story just ahead of their very special day.

Reba was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, and in the fall of 2014, her diagnosis became terminal: she was given 2 to 5 years to live. Instead of giving up, she said this: “I don’t know how much time I have left, and I just want to make a difference in women’s lives.”

And she has done just that. Reba started a foundation, Reba’s Vision (, in which all proceeds help women without insurance receive a 3D mammogram. The mission of the foundation and the legacy that Reba wants to leave behind is to stomp out breast cancer in the West Valley. In addition, with her own two hands, she also makes “Baskets of Hope” for women who have been diagnosed with cancer.

I met Reba in the fall of 2015. She reached out to me because she wanted not only beautiful glamour portraits of herself for her fiancé, but she also wanted to capture her illness: her bald head, her scars, and her fight to live. Here’s a video of her beautiful session:

Even in the darkness of her disease, Reba found love. And on Saturday at 4:00pm, Reba and Steve will become husband and wife. Here is their beautiful love story: