Welcome to the 15-Day Selfie Challenge with Karianne Munstedt

The selfie is the modern-day version of a mirror.  Many women shy away from the camera and from taking selfies because they don’t like the way they look; however, taking selfies is actually a form of self love and is a way to help us heal our visual relationships with ourselves. Selfies help us see and acknowledge ourselves.


Selfie = Self Love.
Selfies are actually a revolutionary act of self love.


This 15-day challenge was created to help women improve their body image and increase their self-esteem. To see themselves for the true glorious, radiant light that they are. Each day for 15 days, in a private Facebook group, we’ll post a themed selfie with a related affirmation. You’re encouraged to comment on other womens’ selfies to help them build their confidence as well.

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Hi, I’m Karianne Munstedt and I’ll be your guide over the next 15 days.
As a portrait photographer and coach for women, this is what I know to be true:

For many women, when we look in the mirror or see ourselves in a photo/selfie, our first instinct is to see all of the things that we don’t like.

We see our perceived flaws.
And deeper than that, we see our perceived failures.

I am not immune.

When I first saw the photo of myself shown below, I saw all of my perceived flaws as well.
I saw the double chin and arm fat and belly fat and thigh fat and the [insert additional flaws and mistakes here].

It then brought up my deeper wounds with feeling like a failure around food/eating disorder.

I recently shared this photo on IG and asked everyone what words came to mind when they saw the photo.

Not one of the dozens of responses said “I see your fat.”

Instead, they said “You look…Proud; Free; Brave; Confident; Serene; REAL.”

That’s the thing.

When you post your photos, the people who matter see the you in your soul.
They see your good.

They see your heart.

They see the beauty in you that you might not be able to see yourself.

Let’s be a little easier on ourselves, and work on seeing ourselves as others do. We give that gift of love and acceptance to others, and it’s time we gave it to ourselves as well.



  • Each day, you will post a selfie related to a different theme. It will take no longer than 5 minutes a day.
  • When you post your selfie, you will be encouraged to say something kind about yourself.
  • You will be encouraged to comment on other selfies and leave words of kindness.
  • You will increase your self esteem and confidence, and increase the self esteem and confidence of those around you.


  • If you complete the 15-day challenge, you will come out a different person that who you were when you joined. You will see yourself differently, you’ll speak to yourself with more kindness and love. And we have some fabulous prizes for one GRAND PRIZE winner!