And in June 2024, we’re giving away 9 MORE (we’ve already given away 10) FREE experiences as our commitment to you.

Accepting (and dare I say loving) our bodies just as they are takes time. It takes changing the way we speak to ourselves. Many times, it takes someone else to help us see our bodies through a new lens.

That someone else is me, and the time is NOW for you to see, appreciate and accept your body in a whole new way.

I am so committed to helping you with this, that on three days only in June – 7, 10 and 14 – I am offering 15 FREE portrait experiences for my new series called UNFILTERED. First come, first served.

It’s just you and me. No hair and makeup. No fluff. I’d prefer that you wear your underwear or a bikini (or nothing at all) so there is nothing to hide behind.

No elaborate posing. No retouching. Just my camera and your body captured just as it is.

This might stretch you. Actually, it most likely will. That’s what it’s supposed to do. It’s when we step out of our comfort zones that we see the most growth. So say yes. Do the thing that helps you to love and accept your gorgeous dimples and curves just as they are.

we have ***ONLY 9 MORE*** experiences available at this very special pricing.

The dates are June 21 and June 24.

during your UNFILTERED experience, you’ll:


look and feel gorgeous in the skin you are in;


stretch and expand your views of your body;


wear 2 outfits from your wardrobe or our studio wardrobe;


participate in a 45-minute portrait session at our Phoenix, AZ, studio;


purchase whatever images you love the most. digital images are $100 each or buy 2, get 1 free.

“Looking at the images we created together moves me in a way that is so much deeper than just “looking at pretty pictures of myself.” It’s not about vanity. It’s about having a way to stop and really SEE myself. Appreciate my body and my spirit. You have captured aspects of who I am in ways I didn’t realize could be done through photographs. And to have these reminders of who I am right now… in this moment in time… I see my strength. I see my vulnerability. I see imperfection and beauty. I see life lived, and joy and pain, and lots and lots of laughter. I see decadence enjoyed and losses survived, and the stories told by every curve and dimple and crease and the light you catch in my eyes are all reminders to me to deeply LOVE and appreciate this body I am in and all the ways it loves me back. And I believe everyone – EVERY ONE – deserves to see themselves with this much love and gratitude.”   

Client Jenn