Let’s change your perfectionist thoughts, so you can become the woman of your dreams!

This program combines Karianne’s years of photographing hundreds of women and her personal experience into an easy-to-process format that you will enjoy from the comfort of your home.


  • An understanding of what perfectionism is and is not…and how it’s holding you back.
  • An understanding of the history of beauty and success standards and why liking who we see in the mirror really matters.
  • Tools to rephrase your thoughts from negative to positive.
  • Confidence to rid your social media accounts of people, products, and brands that hurt you.
  • An action plan and resources to help you ditch perfectionism and achieve one big goal.
  • Clarity that they only person holding you back from becoming the woman of your dreams is you…and you can change that.

Karianne tackles this thought-provoking and sensitive subject with hope and love – and without judgment.


  • 8-week program (Wednesdays, August 26 – October 21, 12-1pm PST)
  • 7 LIVE, virtual, interactive coaching sessions
  • 1 LIVE, virtual session to celebrate your commitment and achievements
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Pre-test and post-test to see the real results of your progress
  • Goodie bag to help you on this journey, delivered to your doorstep
  • Weekly worksheet; when we write things down, it creates action
  • Weekly homework assignment; this work continues in the real world!
  • A community and support of the amazing women in the course and group
  • Investment: $247 (a $550 savings for the beta cohort)

Bonus: Receive a free, signed copy of bestselling book The Lemonade Stand, when you sign up for the coaching program.


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Five years ago, when I finally liked who I saw in the mirror, I started to step into the woman I am today. A woman who no longer hides from the camera, who no longer keeps herself small. A woman who now photographs other women and helps them build up their confidence. A woman who now takes daily steps to live her life to its fullest potential. 

What was the catalyst?

An amazing portrait session.

Watch the video to hear my story.

Karianne’s Story of Perfectionism

Bestseller The Lemonade Stand is a collection of true stories of courage and perseverance contributed by nineteen inspiring women, including Karianne. Sometimes our biggest fears come to life, and when the worst kind of news arrives, it rocks your world. Finding that glimmer of hope to go on may seem impossible…but triumph waits at the end of each story’s end. She shares how perfectionism negatively impacted her life, how she stood up to the perfectionist voices in her head, and how she now lives a life in which she embraces vulnerability and authenticity.