Embrace the Shift

February 2023: Depression Over the Age of 40


Thank you to our expert Dr. Carrie Johansson, Speaker, Author & Psychologist, for guiding us through a conversation on depression on our recent Embrace the Shift show. Watch the full show below. 

Dr. Carrie works with teams, corporate audiences, and dedicated individuals, helping them to learn how to skillfully navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs. After 21 years in private practice, Dr. Carrie brings the latest developments in psychology with easy-to-implement strategies to empower change, improve relationships and better manage tricky emotions. 

Check out Dr. Carrie’s book, Self-Help on the Go: Because You Are Not Broken, but Life Just Gets Tricky Sometimes. Midlife can feel very tricky with empty nesting, caring for aging parents, hormone changes and all of the other things you’re trying to balance.  The book is about how to empower yourself to take charge and enjoy life more.

3 Top Takeaways from the Show

1. You’ll understand just how common depression is in midlife.  
2. You’ll learn to identify the signs of depression and how to differentiate between a down period versus true depression.
3. You’ll learn many options for prevention and treatment.