Embrace the Shift

March 2023: How to Make Friends When You’re Over 40


Thank you to our expert Jen Coken, Executive Leadership Coach and Amazing Friend, for guiding us through a conversation on how to make freinds on our recent Embrace the Shift show. Watch the full show below. 

Recognized by ABC, MSNBC, and TEDx, Jen Coken is an internationally acclaimed comedian, coach, speaker, and Imposter Syndrome expert. She is the no b.s. Coach for irreverent, mission-driven women executives in STEM who crave the audacity to be themselves, want to own the agency of their position, and have confidence in their direction. Fortune 1000 CEOs to seven-figure Founders trust Jen to shake things up with no apologies, no limits, and all the laughs. Jen loves building a community of friends (especially girlfriends) — born out of moving three times in her mid-life to cities where she either knew no one or only a handful of people.

3 Top Takeaways from the Show

1. Learn that making new friends is like….dating…where we have to figure out what we’re really looking for…then go on multiple friend dates!
2. Learn where to dfind new friend groups.
2. Learn how to set clear boundaries to honor yourself and your time while allowing room to grow these new friendships.