Join me for an immersive
self care, personal growth, and photography experience

July 18-22, 2021 | Rapid City, South Dakota

This retreat was designed as an immersive self-care, coaching, and photography experience retreat to help you reframe your inner thoughts, celebrate your outer self, and emerge with a newfound confidence and desire to be the most extraordinary version of yourself. There are only a total of four retreat spots available. 



  • Slow down, with plenty of time for rest and relaxation
  • Gain an understanding of how your inner thoughts are holding you back from living your life to the fullest
  • Receive tools to shift your thoughts so that you speak kindly to yourself
  • Gain the clarity that the woman of your dreams is already in you!
  • Create a new vision for the aligned life you want to be living

It is my personal mission to help each woman live as her  MOST extraordinary version of herself!  

My name is Karianne Munstedt, and I know first-hand how the perfectionist thoughts in our heads hold us back from living our most extraordinary lives. Until five years ago, I was living as a shell of the woman I am today. I had spent my entire life being “perfect,” but in the end, what it brought was isolation, no deep relationships, an eating disorder, unrealistic expectations of everyone around me, debt, and never knowing the real me. 

It wasn’t until I started to stand up to the perfectionist thoughts that I became the Karianne that I am today:


  • A woman who no longer hides from the camera, who no longer talks down to herself in the mirror, and who no longer keeps herself small.
    A woman who now photographs other women and helps them build up their confidence.
  • A woman who lives an authentic life, full of friendship and love, and keeps taking steps every day to show up in the world in bigger ways than I ever imagined.

The Powerful You Retreat  with Karianne includes:


A 30-minute pre-planning and coaching session , where we dig deep into what’s holding you back and where you want to go in life.

A welcome gift delivered to your home.

A group retreat at a sprawling 150-acre ranch in Rapid City, South Dakota. (Why Rapid City? Scroll down to learn more.)

Your own private room.

A personal chef to provide 3 delicious, healthy meals each day.

All standard in-town (Rapid City) transportation including to and from the airport.

Daily coaching, plus abundant opportunities for rest and joyful activities.

A 3-hour photography session as part of Karianne’s 40 Over 40 Project*, complete with full hair and makeup, multiple outfits, and loads of confidence boosting. 

A 1-hour Portrait Reveal session, where you select one portrait*, which will serve as a reminder of the powerful woman you already are, and embody the new vision you have for yourself. (*One portrait is included with the package; additional portraits will be available for purchase at time of your Reveal Session.)

New friends, tons of laughter, and a renewed spirit.

Who is the Powerful You Group Retreat for?

This one-of-a-kind retreat is for any woman who wants to fast track her life from “average” or  “stuck” to living as the most extraordinary version of herself. She wants to elevate herself in mind, body and soul. She is ready to conquer the world and emerge, mentally and visually, as a more  confident and powerful woman. 

Let’s take a peak into the Powerful You Retreat:

Alright, put down your cell phone, pause the podcast, and take a deep breath.
Quiet your mind for a minute, and imagine yourself living as your most extraordinary self. 

What would you be doing?
How would you be showing up in the world?
What thoughts would be floating through your mind?  

Can you envision the pause?  Good, keep it front and center in your mind. Because I have a secret to share with you…

…the woman in your vision…that woman is YOU.
That woman is already living inside of you, she just might need a loving nudge to emerge. 

The Powerful You Retreat is just the nudge you’ve been  looking for. We are devoting nearly an ENTIRE WEEK to the most important person in your life…YOU. 

You will be treated to days full of rest and relaxation, joy, and self-care.
You’ll be photographed in a way in which you’ll feel cherished, safe, loved, and like the most beautiful woman in the world. 

And all throughout the week, you’ll stand up to the perfectionist voice in your head telling you that you aren’t enough. You’ll learn how to speak kinder words to yourself. Every moment of The Powerful You Retreat is designed to show you that you ARE ENOUGH…JUST AS YOU ARE.

The investment for this immersive, one-of-a-kind experience is $3,000.

Did you just get a lump in your throat?

If so, that’s ok. Many times, the scarier something is, the better. And this is one of those times.

Let’s talk about the PRICELESS VALUE of this experience.

How can you put a price tag on slowing down and engaging in some much needed rest and relaxations?
How can you put a price tag on changing the way you talk to yourself?
How can you put a price tag on changing the way you see yourself?
How can you put a price tag on showing up in the world in bigger and bolder ways?

You can’t. These are the real transformations that will take place . 

Your Coach and Photographer 

Karianne Munstedt is an award-winning portrait photographer, speaker, coach and author. She is an artist and nurturer, fiercely motivated by using her talents to make women feel confident, empowered, and whole. Growing up with an abusive role model left her filled with fear; she countered this by attempting to be perfect, but never took the time to understand who she was.

She continued down a path of perfection that led her to a marriage, a job, and other endeavors that weren’t right for her. Karianne started a journey to get to know herself in her 30s. On her spiritual journey, she connected back to the thing that brought her joy as a child… photography. She discovered an innate talent to capture a person’s true inner beauty – the real person inside. Personally, Karianne is a wife, mommy to a toddler son, stepmother to a teenage daughter, and doggy momma.


You'll be photographed as part of the 40 Over 40 Project!

Ths is a one-of-a kind experience celebrating 40 women over the age of 40 (40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond!)!

As women, we wear many hats. We are wives, mothers, daughters, employees, business owners, cooks, friends, teachers, students, and so much more.

And yet, what we are first and foremost are…WOMEN.

Women are radiance, sensuality, and femininity. Even if you haven’t seen those things in yourself in a long time, they are there, just waiting to be unleashed.

Your portrait and story, along with those from the other participants, will be featured in a printed MAGAZINE…and will be featured in an art exhibit in December 2021!

Why Rapid City, South Dakota?

When you think of the midwest, what comes to mind? A relaxed pace of life. And that’s exactly what we’re going for during The Powerful You Retreat

Rapid City is known for its hospitality, wide open spaces, and as the Gateway to the Black Hills. Even during July, the daily average temperature is only 86 degrees, making it a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors. 

The ranch that is hosting The Powerful You Retreat boasts 150 acres, a wrap-around porch, and uninhibited views of the sunrise as horses graze nearby. It is a place to slow down, reset in nature, and yet is still close to town and boasts all modern amenities.


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