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How changing your thoughts changes everything

The average woman has thousands of thoughts per day, most of which are on a repeat loop. Of those repeated thoughts, a majority are negative. The words we think to ourselves have a monumental impact on both how we live our lives and how we treat others. From her own experience, her years as a portrait photographer for women, and conversations with female acquaintances, Karianne has found the top reason why women speak negatively to themselves: PERFECTIONISM.

Karianne tackles this thought-provoking and sensitive subject with hope and love – and without judgment.


Karianne is a rare individual who finds beauty in everything and shares this world view with the audience. She is vulnerable and warm and her perspective on life makes you feel as if you are having a 1-on-1 conversation rather than sharing her with an entire room. On stage, she is inspiring, engaging, and approachable. She sees life with her heart.

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Karianne’s Story of Perfectionism

Bestseller The Lemonade Stand is a collection of true stories of courage and perseverance contributed by nineteen inspiring women, including Karianne. Sometimes our biggest fears come to life, and when the worst kind of news arrives, it rocks your world. Finding that glimmer of hope to go on may seem impossible…but triumph waits at the end of each story’s end. She shares how perfectionism negatively impacted her life, how she stood up to the perfectionist voices in her head, and how she now lives a life in which she embraces vulnerability and authenticity. 

Through her Live Video Series, Karianne shares about traumas and obstacles that she has had in her life. By sharing her stories, it helps her to continue to face and heal from past hurts, and it has inspired others to heal as well. When we talk about our issues, it removes the shame and embarrassment and stigma that surrounds them. Karianne shares a wide range of vulnerable topics, from the stigma of sharing one’s weight (her most popular video; shown here), to crippling anxiety and lack of self-care, to dropping perfection and showing up as our real, authentic selves.

Watch 60+ videos at: https://www.youtube.com/c/Kariannemunstedt

Karianne Munstedt is an award-winning portrait photographer. She is an artist and nurturer, fiercely motivated by using her talents to make women feel confident, empowered, and whole. Growing up with an abusive role model left her filled with fear; she countered this by attempting to be perfect, but never took the time to understand who she was.

She continued down a path of perfection that led her to a marriage, a job, and other endeavors that weren’t right for her. Karianne started a journey to get to know herself in her 30s. On her spiritual journey, she connected back to the thing that brought her joy as a child… photography. She discovered an innate talent to capture a person’s true inner beauty – the real person inside. Personally, Karianne is a wife, mommy to a toddler son, stepmother to a teenage daughter, and doggy momma.

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ATHENA Valley of the Sun
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